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My name is Chris Burk. I'm not your typical mountain guide.


On any given morning, you might find me clipped into skis, dropping in off a summit, or you might find me plugged into a laptop, developing a cost model for a cleantech startup.

For many years, I worked full-time as a chemical engineer – squeezing in climbs before and after work, training in the evenings, using vacation days to guide and take guiding exams. I know what it’s like to sit in an office, longing to have chalk on your hands or skis under your feet, meticulously planning for that upcoming long weekend, hoping that the conditions will be right and the logistics will work out. 

In time, pursuit became profession. Now I’m here to enable your adventures - whether you want to learn to lead trad efficiently, tick off that just-out-of-reach ski mountaineering objective, or secure a solid and reliable partner.

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